CO-VID 19 update

Greetings my Windward Church of the Nazarene Ohana, “May the grace and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ be with you.”

We have received good news from our government that we are able to meet together on Sundays. This is encouraging and we are looking forward to the corporate worship and the blessed fellowship of Christ Followers.

We will keep you updated as to when we plan to meet. With the “re-opening” of the church campus, as stated with the guidelines, as it is written as of today May 22, 2020, we may meet but with several caveats...
Masks must be worn during the entire time you on campus
Hand sanitizers will be made available.
We will all have to distance ourselves by a distance of six feet.
Families and shared home people may sit together.

And most notable is the the “most vulnerable” are to stay home. This list begins with “All Seniors 65 years of age and above”, also anyone who has a compromised immunity, and if you feel sick.
Taking this into account,
We will Not be meeting on campus this Sunday, May 24, 2020 as the rules will require a majority of our Church Ohana to stay home.

As much as by now the phrase “we are all in this together” may be tiring to hear...for now we will not meet this Sunday as none of us want to tell one of our beloved seniors that they must not come to service.

The reopening plan from the government as of today looks to imply that the next phase will open up the gatherings to our seniors.

From Pastor Rick Power “As our state & national leaders permit houses of worship to reopen, our responsibilities remain the same: be wise, be safe, seek unity. Since many of our members are in the vulnerable and high-risk categories, they will be most grateful for ministries that are offered online or in very small groups”

We greatly miss meeting together. We rejoice that we are moving in a positive direction to ALL be able to worship and fellowship together.

Continue to pray for each other, the church leadership, those who govern our islands, our country, and our world.

As we have discovered many times during this quarantine, the timeline and guidelines can change from day to day and even hour by hour. And so, we will do our very best to keep you informed as to our next step.

If you have any questions I will do my very best to answer them to the best of my knowledge.

You may email, text, or call me.


Aloha Ke Akua,
Pastor Kevin

Sunday May 24, 2020

In following instruction from the State of Hawaii, and our Church of the Nazarene Hawaii Pacific District leadership, we will not be holding any in-person gatherings until further notice. This includes all worship services, small groups, and activities. Join us for our online service, going live at 9 am every Sunday morning. If you need any assistance please contact our church office or any of the staff. View past messages below. We also have discussion questions for you and your family to keep the conversation going.


Holy Week

Stay tuned as we take a walk with Jesus to the cross. Do not be afraid because it doesn't end there. Spoiler Alert: Jesus has the victory. He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!!!


Created to worship.

Worship is essential to God’s plan of redemption and provides a strategic avenue for God’s entry into an alienated world. An illustration of this is found in the Lord’s Prayer, which begins with worship: “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Your name.” Then, it extends the invitation “…Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:9, 10). When we pray in the manner that Jesus taught His disciples, we are first, with worship, reaching into the invisible realm and then, on the grounds of our worship, welcoming the entry of His divine authority, rulership, and power into this world.

At Windward Nazarene, we believe that a natural reflection of our love for God is worship. And that worship should invade every aspect of our lives.

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