Prayer Requests

Have a prayer request that you would like to share? Submit it below and we will be sure to get it out to our Prayer Team. 

WCN Ohana Prayer Requests

Our WCN Ohana's prayers requests can be found below. Please take a minute to pray over these requests. 


Right ear has ear infection, pressure, draining, reduced hearing


Please pray for Windward Nazarene Academy, its staff, students, and families. Many are anxious to start the new school year. We pray a hedge of protection around our campus and ministries. We ask for guidance to be able to educate and lead our school families in such a way that we honor God and provide the best opportunities for our children. Amen.


I have an unspoken prayer request that I’ve written out on a sheet of paper. It is something I can’t share with people. It is essentially a single question, a very deep serious question that I need the answer to. The answer to this question will deeply affect my life. Please pray that the Lord will powerfully and clearly answer this question, and resolve any confusion I have about it. Pray that it will be clear the Lord Jesus Christ is answering it, and not some other source. Thank you for your prayers.


Lord, please continue to let your presence be known to all of our kupuna that may be struggling with being alone right now. Give them comfort and provide them support to make it through this isolating time.